There are lots of things to consider when adopting a dog .. please take five moments to read the information on the following link.

  • We will consider homes out of our area, however you will be required to travel to kennels/foster home to visit the dog and once you have taken the dog, if for any reason it doesn't work out, you will need to bring the dog back to us.

  • Please consider that there will be an adoption donation associated with giving this dog a home. As much as we would like not to need to do this we cannot afford it. Helping Springers does not come cheap and taking into account kenneling and veterinary it costs us an average of around £360 for each dog we help. Obviously we don't expect donations of anywhere near that amount but we do need donations to enable us to continue to operate. This donation should be made at the time of taking the dog. We also expect anyone coming to collect a dog to bring with them a dog tag giving details of the dogs new address and a contact telephone number. 

  • Before calling please ensure you have fully read all the information relating to the dog you are interested in, it is no good contacting us regarding a dog that is not good with other dogs if you already have one or one that can't be homed with children if you have them (you would be surprised how many people do just that)

  • Please also note that you cannot meet the dogs without an appointment. The kennel staff are NOT permitted to show you the dogs.

  • Please take a look at our dogs looking for homes and contact us if you feel any of them would fit into your family


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This gorgeous boy is Sammy he is a year old and full of life, he is a very nervous boy, once he gets to know you he is very loving but will need time to get to know his new family.    He will need continued training in all aspects, lead walking, recall etc but the main thing he will need help with is housetraining, he does try but keeps having accidents.  Any potential owner will need to be willing and patient enough to help him through this.

He is playful with other dogs and happy to mix with them so we feel the best home for him would be one with another dog which could help give him confidence and also help show him how to behave.  Once his nervousness and housetraining has been overcome we are sure he will make an extremely loyal addition to any family.

Sammy is currently in a foster home in East Yorkshire, given his nervousness you would need to be happy to visit him more than once before giving him a home. 


Charlie is 4 years old and a real sweetheart, he is a little nervous especially at the moment as all has changed for him but we are told in the home he is a lovely boy, full of energy outside but calm and content when in the house.  He is used to living happily with another dog and is good with children.  He hasn't been with us very long but so far has been quite nervous about the other dogs in rescue so ideally would go to live with a gentle dog who would give him space to get used to them but also help give him confidence.  He does pull on the lead a little and although we haven't yet tried him off lead his previous owner said he has good recall.

He does have some medical issues which any new owner will need to be prepared for.  When was younger Charlie had a few food related allergy issues which were solved by feeding him a particular food and treats so should be no future issue as long as this is continued.  Just prior to coming into rescue he had a couple of seizures which may indicate he has epilepsy, currently he is undergoing further tests and monitoring to decide on his future treatment.  However worse case scenario is that he will need epilepsy medication and testing for the rest of his life and also may have future seizures.  SYESSR will take responsibility for the veterinary costs related to any seizures and associated medication plus provide access to support however any future owner will need to be able to care for Charlie through any seizure he may have.


Sam is a delightful 5 year old boy who although originally from overseas has been in the UK since late 2015, sadly despite homechecks etc he found himself in a home with someone unable to give him the time and training he needed and it appears he spent a lot of time in a crate with minimal walks.  Like a number of the dogs we have at the moment he came to us after he had nipped someone when he found himself in a stressful situation, he nipped a neighbour who had never seen him before, which we think speaks volumes about how often he got out.  

He mixes well with all the other dogs in rescue and loves playing off lead with them, he does bark when he sees strange dogs and with him being a big lad can look a bit intimidating but he is in fact a bit of a wimp and the sight of him running across the beach terrified of two little chihuahuas will stay with us forever - LOL

He will need further training in all areas, he will sit on command and has good recall but other than that has had no real training, we are currently taking him to training classes which are going well.  He is strong on the lead but not unmanageable and will walk nicely if you keep being firm with him.  We will provide the services of a dog listener behaviourist to help with his training.

He can be a little reactive in some situations that he hasn't been used to ( he doesn't like joggers and cyclists for example) but gets better all the time so in a home where someone could work on this we are sure that he would very quickly get used to them.  He is a very loyal boy and loves who he considers to be his family, everyone in rescue absolutely loves him and find it hard to believe that there isn't a home out there just waiting for him.  

He is looking for a home that this time will prove to be his last, with someone who is looking for a dog to be part of their family and not stuck in a crate in the corner.  He is a playful boy so maybe a doggie friend to play with would be good for him.

You can see a little more of Sam on these videos.  You can't miss him, he's the big lad trying to keep up with the others

OSCAR - Reserved

Lucky Oscar has been offered a lovely new home in the Suffolk countryside.  We are currently working on feeding him up and getting his weight up to a more acceptable level but if all goes to plan he will hopefully be fit enough to go by the end of the month.


The lovely Oscar came to us from another rescue, they rescued him from a shelter so we have no history about him.  He is obviously a Spaniel but his age is just guesswork, his passport shows his age as 2 but we feel he is older than this, more like 5 or 6.  He has obviously not been looked after as he is extremely skinny with little muscle tone (if any), it will take plenty of tlc and time to get him back up to his ideal weight and fit and healthy.  He has got on with all the dogs he has met whilst being with us.  It is unlikely he has been walked on a lead as he seems to have no idea of what it entails, zig zagging about and generally tripping you up - LOL.  He has his nose to the floor though and does not yet know his name so letting him off the lead at this stage is not something we think we should do.  We also do not know if he has ever been in a home so he may need help with housetraining (although is clean in his kennel) and will also need to get used to the noises etc in the home.  He is very loving and we are sure that in the right home he will make a fabulous addition to the family.

DUKE - Reserved

The lovely Duke came to us from another rescue, they rescued him from a shelter so we have no history about him.  His breed and age are purely guesswork, looking at him we think he is likely to be a retriever cross spaniel as he has the look and size of a retriever but the markings of a spaniel, we think he is quite young probably around 2 years  He is a very loving boy and just loves cuddles, he isn't too bad on a lead (unless he sees a rabbit) given his background and the fact that he doesn't know his name we haven't tried him off lead yet.  We have no idea whether he has ever been in a home so he may help with housetraining (although he is clean in his kennel) and may need time to get used to the things we take for granted  in the home (tv, washing machine etc).  He is an extremely good looking dog and also good natured so we are sure the first person to meet him will want to give him a home.


Little Millie is around 19 months old and is a tiny springer looking for a special and very experienced home. She had a pretty rough start in life and this can show through in her behaviour.  She is quite a nervous dog and sometimes deals with this by lunging and snapping at people.   She needs a home where she totally trusts her owner to make all the right decisions for her and not put her in a position where she needs to take action. We feel that if she were pushed she would bite.  She is currently in a foster home where she not under any pressure at all and there have been no issues with her lunging, snapping or biting.  Millie would benefit from being with another dog but again it needs to be a very special dog that can deal with her over the top approach to them. She has no idea how to approach them and this can lead to aggressive interactions. She needs a dog that will tell her off firmly but not get into a fight.  I am sure after reading this it will be appreciated that we are looking for a child free home. Given her behaviour issues we would insist on providing behaviour support from the start. Despite all of this we do believe that in the right home she would be a smashing little dog.

Millieis currently in a foster home in East Yorkshire, given her nervousness you would need to be happy to visit her more than once before giving her a home.  


Form an orderly queue please for this beautiful young chap.   Zak is around 12 months old and working bred . He is a bundle of energy who was proving a little too much for his previous owner. He is a typical young slightly wilful boy who needs an experienced spaniel owner who will be willing to put time and effort into his training. He has a lot to learn. He is good with other dogs but very full on and approaches them as he does everything- at 100 miles and hour!. This can get him into trouble so he will need to learn some manners. He jumps up and pulls on the lead ( and I mean pulls ) . Zak loves to swim and is reasonably good off the lead which is great because he has a lot of energy to burn off (he always comes back but sometimes goes a little further away that ideal).  It is not essential but we feel that Zak would benefit from being with another dog, ideally an older calmer bitch who could show him how to behave and give him confidence in the areas he is lacking.  We walk him with the other Spaniels without issue and he is always stays closer when with the other dogs than when walking alone.

ROCKY ( Permanent Resident )

Many of you will have seen Rocky on the site looking for a home for some time. Sadly after a lot of thought we have decided that we cannot rehome him. He has bitten on a number of occasions and there is no warning given. We have tried Rocky in a foster situation and he gave 2 bad unprovoked bites. Given the unpredictability of these bites  we have decided that he will join Buddy and Mutley as permanent residents.

He is a small working cocker around 4 years old, he came to us as a stray which mean we have no history about him.   He is typical lively young boy and great fun out on a walk and it is clear that he has had some training as he knows a number of commands ( sit, down, paw etc ). He will also walk nicely on the lead when told, has reasonable recall and seems good with most other dogs. 

We will never know what happened to Rocky in his previous life but he had formed a strong bond with our volunteers and seems settled in kennel life. 

BUDDY (permanent resident)

DOB: 12/12/2011

Vaccinated, Microchipped and Neutered

****We have attempted to rehome Buddy on a number of occasions and sadly he has bitten in every home. Because of this we do not feel that we can rehome him again. In kennels Buddy is a model dog. He loves his walks and is a favourite with the dog walkers as he is so good off the lead and great with other dogs. He gets plenty of good quality exercise and we believe that Buddy is happy with his life and army of fans. Even though he isnt looking for a home we will continue to update you on how he is doing with videos and photos *****

Buddy was handed into a general rescue following the death of the man of the house, the rescue tried to rehoming but when that failed asked us to help.

Buddy had lived with an elderly couple and even prior to the gentleman dying he was not really getting what he really needed. Buddy is a really lovely dog in kennels, he is quiet and clean and we have had no issues at all however Buddy has had 5 homes now and in all has shown aggression and bitten

First impressions of Buddy are that he looks to be a happy, well socialised, confident dog, he pulls a bit on the lead, is good on the lead and good with people and other dogs. However if you look more closely you will see glimpses of a more nervous side and we wonder if this has some link to the instances when he has shown aggression in the home. He sometimes looks as if he is worried about what you are going to ask of him, if something touches him that he is not expecting he jumps and although friendly with dogs he knows he comes close when you pass a dog he doesn't. He has shown no aggression being handled or groomed by us or at the vets.

Our two permanent residents Buddy and Mutley are the best of friends and a pair of clowns, they make us smile every day.  Check out this video of them having fun with each other and a couple of the other rescue dogs.

MUTLEY - Permanent Resident

DOB: 02/08/2009
Vaccinated, Microchipped and Neutered

Mutley is a complex character and  we have decided, after weeks of assessment that we cant rehome him, however he is perfectly happy in kennels and loves our other permanent resident Buddy so he will continue to reside with us.


He is great with other dogs and lovely when out and about but will growl (quite aggressively) if asked to do something he doesn't want to do, for example get in or out of the car or go in another room etc. 

He is also very aggressive at both the vets and the groomers, needing to sedated for both.    


His previous family love him very much and could manage him if it were just the two of them, but with children and an au pair in the house managing his issues had become too difficult and they were turned down by a number of rescues because of Mutley's issues.

Mutley is very popular with all of our dog walkers and  loves his walks and his ball, closely followed by his love for water. He is very happy sharing his kennel with Buddy and enjoying daily walks with his many fans.


Our two permanent residents Buddy and Mutley are the best of friends and a pair of clowns, they make us smile every day.  Check out this video of them having fun with each other and a couple of the other rescue dogs.

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