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Bosun is a gorgeous 10 year old boy who has came into rescue as his owners live in a flat and he was barking when other residents came home and making a noise in the early hours.  In kennels he has been quiet other than when he knows he is going a walk or wants to play ball..  He is a big lad generally but when he came he was quite overweight too, since being with us though he has lost approx. 8kg  so it just about right now.  He does have a few lumps and bumps but these have been checked out by the vet and the advice is to leave them as causing not issues. He is very strong on a lead but is very good off lead which makes things easier. 

 He loves to play with a ball (although must be a solid ball as he has previous for eating tennis balls), He has been good with all our other dogs and seems to enjoy walking with them.  He is not used to children, out and about he will just ignore them but in the home he is quite nervous of them so we will be looking for an adult only home without visiting children.  He has a full pet passport as he has travelled regularly for holidays and is used to being left for 2-3 hours at a time without issue. 

 He has shown a little grumpiness on occasion as he does like his own way, for example he doesn't like to be shut in his kennel at night so will sometimes growl so needs someone who could cope with this and encourage rather than force him to do things he is worried about.  He also does not like people knocking on the door and can become quite aggressive when this happens so ideally needs to go to a quiet home where this isn't likely to happen very often.