D.O.B : 

2 Years Old






EDDY came to us from a gentleman that had only had him for 2 weeks, he had orignally belonged to two students who needed to rehome him as they were going off to university.  The gentleman took him on but found his energy levels were far too high for him and so asked us to help.  Eddy is another boy who on the face of it seems to be a friendly happy boy, he is ball obsessed and would play all day, however he will guard stolen items and has bitten when guarding. He is also quite reactive to other dogs initially.  This appears to be a mix of excitement/anxiety but it does mean he runs at them and barks in their face and this can easily escalate so will need careful management. 

We have been walking him with our other dogs and we do feel that his issues can be overcome and he could maybe be rehomed with a dog that would initially tolarate his full on hello without causing a fight but because he has bitten we will be looking for a child free home for him.

In general Eddy seems to over aroused by fast moving things and  is also reactive to larger vehicles passing (lorries/buses etc).  He pulls a little on the lead and although good off lead most of the time if he does see a dog he dashes over to say hello and is reluctant to come back immmediatley.

Eddy is very responsiive to food for training sessions and we do feel that he will respond well to positive reward based training with a qualified trainer. We can recommend local trainers.