D.O.B : 

5 Years Old






GUINESS came to us due to is older owners ill health he didn't appear to have had much done with him and was desperately in need of some weight loss and a good groom.  We were told he had never shown signs of aggression and in kennels he hasn't shown any but on trying to rehome him we found this is not the case.  Guiness is a lovely boy most of the time but has shown aggression and bitten when being asked to do something he doesn't want to do or if he has pinched something and thinks you want it back. He also seems to show more aggression if family children are around, not towards the children but more as if he thinks he needs to protect them, so we will be looking for a child free home for him. He has been good with all the dogs he has met while being with us, he has however demonstrated that he has little if any recall so this is something else that will require work.

SYESSR will provide the support of a Dog Listener to help with his issues.