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Sam is a delightful boy who although originally from overseas has been in the UK since late 2015, sadly despite homechecks etc he found himself in a home with someone unable to give him the time and training he needed and it appears he spent a lot of time in a crate with minimal walks.  Like a number of the dogs we have at the moment he came to us after he had bitten someone when he found himself in a stressful situation, he nipped a neighbour who had never seen him before, which we think speaks volumes about how often he got out.

He mixes well with all the other dogs in rescue and loves playing off lead with them, he does bark when he sees strange dogs and with him being a big lad can look a bit intimidating but he is in fact a bit of a wimp and the sight of him running across the beach terrified of two little chihuahuas will stay with us forever - LOL

He will need further training in all areas, he will sit on command and has good recall but other than that has had no real training, we have taken him to training classes which he loved.  He is strong on the lead but not unmanageable and will walk nicely if you keep being firm with him.

He can be reactive in some situations that he hasn't been used to ( he doesn't like joggers and cyclists for example) but gets better all the time so in a home where someone could work on this we are sure that he would get used to them.  He is a very loyal boy and loves who he considers to be his family, everyone in rescue absolutely loves him and find it hard to believe that there isn't a home out there just waiting for him.

He is looking for a home that this time will prove to be his last, with someone who is looking for a dog to be part of their family and not stuck in a crate in the corner.  He is a playful boy so maybe a doggie friend to play with would be good for him, because of his reactiveness he does need a home without children.

At the beginning of lockdown Sam went up to the beautiful Isle of Arran to have a few months in a foster home with one of our supporters while she was off work.  Sadly for Sam his foster mum has recently badly broken her leg so he is currently back with us and really missing being in a home environment.   Unfortunately being locked down in a remote area didn't give the opportunities to work on his issues but we have learned that in a home with people and dogs he knows he is a perfect boy, happy and content with people he trusts, clean and relaxed in the home.  He was found to be very protective of his garden so this is something else that we need work on.

We appreciate that Sam will not be the easiest dog but we are sure the love and loyalty you get from him will be worth the hard work.  The rescue will provide the services of a Dog Listener to work with you and Sam to help you on the journey.