Charlie Girl & Oliver

Charlie Girl and Oliver came into rescue as their owner could no longer look after them and they were being left for very long hours shut in a downstairs toilet.  We were told Charlie was around 14 years old and when she arrived in rescue she was quite a lot underweight and Oscar around 10 years old.

They definitely fell on their paws when they found their new home and we couldn't be happier for them.  Poor Charlie has had a number of suspicious mammary tumours removed one of which proved to be cancerous and Oliver is due to have a small growth removed from his jaw so a worrying time for them all.  However their new family love the to bits and are doing everything they can to give them the life they deserve.  


They have only been in their home for a few weeks but despite needing veterinary treatment have managed lots of lovely walks, visits to the beach and a holiday.  Every message we get from their new owners tells us how they feel blessed to have them in their lives and how much they love them.


Stanley is now 12.5 and we had him from SYESSR when he turned 1 year old! He is the most fantastic dog you could ever ask for. He is bit old and doddery now - lots of arthritis from his misspent youth running around like a loon and is more likely to be found sleeping and snoring very loudly than snuffling about in the garden. He now has a little rescue sister - 2 year old Betty Beagle - who keeps him from sleeping too much and annoys him as much as possible - but he always looks for her! 


What a lovely photograph we were sent today. The lovely Ellie came into rescue as her owners didn't have enough time for her and she was spending most of her time alone in a kennel & run.   She went to her new home last month but despite having met her housemates before and even having a sleepover she initially was grumpy with them. Lucky for Ellie her new mum and dad didn't just give up and bring her back, they were patient and gave it a little time. Just look at them now

Monty (was Jack)

Another lovely update received, we really love to hear how the dogs are getting on in their new homes. Monty came to us from Last Chance Rescue in Spain (he was called Jack then), he was a lovely friendly boy but his past meant that living in a home was probably going to be a new experience for him. Looks like he's doing really well and has a very talented dad as the picture he has done of Monty/Jack is just fabulous.

Hi there,

We adopted Jack, now named Monty, from you in Fe...b 2016. Heather brought him to our home . He is doing really well. Hes a happy boy who loves walks in the peak district, he loves sofa cuddles, food and generally loves life! He dislikes baths, and other dogs who are a bit boisterous. He is such a lovely natured dog. He has had some tummy issues but since June (touch wood) things are good.
He's enjoyed a couple of get aways with us to Sherwood forest and Devon. We are going back to Devon with him next weekend as well.
We also had a DNA test done for him as we felt he may not be 100% brittany. It turns out its most likely that both his parents were brittanys, one grandparent a field spaniel and the other a cocker spaniel 😀
Monty is loved by everyone he meets and I really feel that he is a once in a life time dog😍 Please find some photos below of Monty, including an image that Jack, my partner, drew of him as one of my birthday presents :-) xx

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